2022 7th International Conference on Mechanical, Control and Computer Engineering (ICMCCE 2022)
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 The 2022 7th International Conference on Mechanical, Control and Computer Engineering (ICMCCE 2022) will be held on December 16-18, 2022 in Sanya, China. ICMCCE 2022 is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of mechanical, control and computer engineering to a common forum.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

商城-机械工程-01 (1).png Mechanical Engineering
计算机.png Computer Engineering

Application of machine in any fields

Machine design and machine application

Machinery and manufacturing

Machinery and agriculture

Machinery and Industry

Machinery and chemistry

Machinery and aviation

Mechanical Manufacturing and automation

Mechanical Engineering and electronics technology

Mechanical Design and Theory

Power machinery

Mechanical Manufacturing Technology

Agriculture machinery

Advanced measurement and machine vision system

Forestry machinery

Fishery machinery

Mining machinery

All kinds of heavy industry machinery and light industry machinery

Electrical appliance

Mechanical weapons

Machinery industry

Mechanical engineering and mechanics

Mechanical manufacturing and mechatronics

Mechanical engineering and material engineering

Industrial robots and automatic production line

Automation and Control Engineering

Automated Software Engineering  

Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing

Computer-aided Design 

Computer Animation

Computer Architecture  

Computing Ethics

Computer Modeling        

Computer Simulation       

Digital System and Logic Design

Expert Systems       

Image Processing

Information Systems       

Internet and Web Applications

Mobile Computing  

Network Security and Cryptography

Multimedia Applications

Multimedia Networking

Mobile Wireless Networks   

Programming Languages

Wireless Communication     

Wireless Sensor Network

自动控制.png Automatic Control Systems
405雷达、探测.png Electronic and communication technology

Control Theory and Control Engineering

Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

Distributed Control Systems

Electric Automation

Fault Diagnosis

Fuzzy Control and Fuzzy System

Industrial Automation

Intelligent Automation and Manufacturing

Intelligent Building and Intelligent housing

Intelligent Control and Intelligent System

Intelligent Management and Decision-making

Mechanic Manufacturing System

Mechatronics and Robotics

Network Control and Neuro Control

Office Automation

Process Control

Power Electronics Technology

Radar Engineering

Circuits and Systems

Microelectronics and Solid Electronics

Analog and Digital Communications

Electromagnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Waves

Microwave Technology and Antenna

Information Countermeasure Technology

Digital Signal Processing

Random Signal Analysis

Digital Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

Information Network and Signal Coding

Principles of Communications

Electromagnetic Field and Wave Propagation

Wireless Communication System

Optical Communication Technology

Satellite Communications

Modern Communication System and Technology

Information Security and Confidentiality

其他.png Other related topics